Investing in Human Capital

Communication - Leadership - Engagement - Customer Relationships - Coaching - and more

Invest in your People

 Every year companies, businesses, and organizations make capital investments upgrading their infrastructure to "maintain the edge" on their competition.  From machinery to hardware to software, billions are invested annually to keep up with tools and technology.    

Most Important Asset

 Failing to maintain the most valuable and expensive asset within your organization could be costing revenue and you do not even realize it.  The cost of inefficient work practices, disengaged employees, and turnover can result in enormous losses annually. 

Solutions are Here!

 Finding solutions to these issues can seem overwhelming; fortunately, 3- Charlie Performance Consulting, LLC is here to help.   If you have been seeking ways to invest in your most valuable asset but believe that it is too expensive or time consuming, we are here to help; we are your solution

Let's Focus on Your Success!

Our Mission

 The Mission of 3-Charlie Performance Consulting is Simple - Maximize the performance of individuals and organizations by providing analysis, design, development, and delivery of workshops, training, or coaching that is unique to your needs.

What this means to you is that we are going to make your workforce better and make it easy for you.  With a clear understanding of the fact that HUMANS RUN BUSINESS, we will work with you to get the Human Element back into your workplace.

To do this, we focus on soft skills such as Communication, Leadership, Engagement, and Relationship Management – the inherent necessary skills that technology stripped from business in the 21st Century.  We will change the paradigm and let technology support business rather than serve as the hub.

We are ready to make our mission a reality for you because when you choose us, we become your Human Capital Investment Partner; earning your trust by helping you succeed. 

Improving Performance

When you select us to be your Human Capital Investment Partner, we will help you analyze your business needs and identify how we both can work to maximize the strength of your Human Capital. 

In many organizations, “that is just the way we do it” is considered the most efficient method; in most cases it is not.  Our teamed analysis will expose critical performance gaps which will allow us to work together to shape the best method to re-energize performance and keep you ahead of the competition. 

After we have determined the best solution for you, we will take over and you can relax. We will take the analysis and proposed solution then begin to make improvement a reality. Your reality may come in the form of a solution that is currently developed; if not, we will design and develop a solution unique to your situation that will have immediate, long-lasting effects. 

With the focus on results such as individual performance, business goals, and profitability, you will not achieve them if your impact players are disengaged.  To ensure that your team remains engaged, we produce products that deliver results but are interesting, fun, and purposeful; events you and your employees will enjoy.  

Changing Behaviors

Performance does not last if the behavior does not change. Humans are inherently lazy. Although this statement does not apply to all, it does to most. If your team is not vested in making a permanent change, your results will be temporary. 

To ensure that the results of our solutions last, we incorporate the elements of Emotional Intelligence into all our products. In addition to the technical aspects associated with most necessary solutions, we add self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills to our products to increase the Human Element to Technical Application Ratio.  Although a simple application, the result is more efficient long-lasting performance and improved internal and external interpersonal relationship skills.

Sustaining Results

Once we have attained the desired results, we are committed to become your long-term partner.  It is our intent to become a vested member of your performance improvement team.  We will work with you periodically to help you assess any need for additional improvement; including follow-up analysis, local trainer development, and many more items. We want to see you succeed in the short-term, however, long-term success is our shared goal; we will be with you every step of the way.  Performance excellence is a long-term commitment and we will work with you to ensure your success endures.