Professional Communication Skills

Sharpen you Communication Skills - Win over any Audience


This is training unlike any you have ever experienced.  It is delivery driven workshop for developing then sharpening your professional communication skills; it is challenging, enjoyable and packs an enormous punch.  During this two-day workshop, you will refine specific interpersonal communication skills one step at a time with multiple individual coaching sessions.  Areas covered include: taking command of the presentation space, developing the components of an enhanced presence, capturing and holding your audience’s attention, and replacing natural anxiety with bold confidence, smoothness, and poise.

Target Audience - Any person who must move or influence an audience through interpersonal communication.  (ex.  Executives, Managers, Project Managers, Engineers, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Students, and more....)


Every participant will prepare a 5-minute talk on a topic of interest to them that they will use for the duration of the workshop to practice delivery skills. Topics may not be work related; Power Point presentations or props will NOT be used. The topic must be something that the participant feels is a strong area of interest to them, and in which they consider themselves expert.  The topic serves as a tool with which the facilitator will use to sharpen each skill - the method is both brilliant and amazing. 


At conclusion of this workshop, participants will experience improvement in their ability to prepare for and deliver a message with a higher degree of professionalism than when they entered the workshop.


At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will experience immediate, noticeable changes such as:  

Space Ownership - The ability to take ownership of all spaces you enter; taking immediate charge by eliminating unwarranted anxiety and replacing it with an enhanced feeling of confidence in any situation. 

Connecting with you Audience - Connecting with your intended audience at the BASIC HUMAN LEVEL - with purpose - pulling them to your message rather than pushing your message to them.

Presence - Boldly making your presence known without being overbearing by taking advantage of space ownership and connection - bolstering your credibility through confidence.

Capturing and Maintaining Attention - Directly engaging your audience, regardless of size, at a levels never before realized, then holding their attention to ensure they receive your intended message.

Developing an Effective Message - Shaping and supporting your message to ensure that the information you deliver hits the mark, first time, every time.  Developing a message that is relevant, and powerful increases the probability of successful transfer, regardless of audience size. 

Communicate Conversationally - Conducting all communication events in a conversational tone, regardless of audience size will make each person believe that you are communicating with them individually - transferring your well-developed message effectively and completely; reducing the amount of time needed to get the results you need. 


14 Hours over a two-consecutive day period.


As a workshop, the maximum number of participants is (6) six and minimum is (4) four.  This workshop can also be delivered to individuals as a series of personal coaching sessions over the same two day period. 

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