Customer Relationships

Create a Great Customer Experience - Happy Customers Return


Every day you have an opportunity to create a great experience for your customers;  from management to service desk, every one is responsible.  The impact of a bad customer experience often is not realized until it is too late which is why it is important that any business - large or small - maintain a focus on the customer.  

The customer ultimately pays the wages of the business.  It is also statistically less expensive to create and maintain a loyal customer base than try to grow a new one.   You work hard to maintain your business; price competitively, lower costs, deliver a great product on time, and maintain the highest quality.  With all the time and money spent to do these things one fact still remains - your relationship to the customer is one of the most important things you can control.  

There are actions can you take in your everyday activities, regardless of role, to create a positive customer experience.  We designed this workshop to give you practical fundamentals on creating and maintaining a positive customer experience that you can put into practice by the time the workshop ends.

Target Audience - Every employee of any business - regardless of position.  


This workshop is about discovery learning. If you are part of the function of any business, you have been preparing for this from the day you began working.  All we ask is that you keep an open mind and become engaged in the moment and be prepared to share your ideas and experiences - you will not be disappointed. 


During this workshop you will be introduced to the theory of customer engagement and effective customer engagement techniques.  We will then discuss the advantages of applying the "Human Factor" and how active listening is a key element when employing problem solving techniques.  We will end the day by participating in a communications workshop focused on conducting effective and efficient business conversation techniques. 


At conclusion of this workshop, you will experience improvement in your ability to understand the importance of creating and shaping a customer's experience by actively listening, then conducting effective business conversations.  Business moves very fast - you will be happy with the results.   


6 Hours over a one-day period. 


The maximum number of participants is (16) sixteen and minimum is (6) four, optimal is (12) twelve.