Leadership Development

Get in Front Stay in Front!


This is a workshop designed to develop or sharpen individual leadership skills. The focus of the workshop is to provide facilitation leading to self-discovery of what being a leader means and the impact that great leadership can have on a team. 


Areas covered include: defining a leader, the importance of leadership, common leadership traits, principles that support leadership, the essential elements for great leadership, the value of charismatic leadership, and the daily habits leaders have that make them successful. 

Target Audience - Any person who must lead or influence others regardless of experience, job description, or responsibility.  (ex.  Executives, Managers, Project Managers, Engineers, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Coaches, Volunteers, Students, and more....) 


Be prepared to be engaged for an entire day. Through a gradient series of exercises, participants will be introduced to and immersed in the traits, principles, elements, characteristics, and habits that all great leaders have and aspiring leaders need. Essentially, leadership skills that will help you meet personal and business goals while ensuring that you do not lose sight on your most valuable asset, people.  All you need to adequately prepare is a great attitude and willingness to participate.   


At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to apply positive change by understanding and applying:     

Defining a Leader - Developing credibility as a leader requires understanding what a leader is and the responsibilities that all leaders should undertake to effectively influence others. 

The Importance of Leadership - The influence that great leadership brings to any organization is a performance multiplier.  Whether as an executive, manager, coach, employee, student, or athlete, the application of your leadership has an impact on your team.  

Common Leadership Traits - Having a thorough understanding of the traits that all leaders should possess establishes the framework for leadership success.  This short list of traits will allow you to set an example for all to follow.    

Principles Supporting Leadership - Understanding the principles that support the traits allows you establish expectations not only for yourself but for those around you by "walking the talk" every day. 

Essential Elements for Leadership - Putting elemental leadership steps into our daily routine allows sets you up for long-term success.   With the understanding that everyone is watching your every move, when apply the elements to your basic activities, your credibility increases and your reputation begins to become "airtight". 

Charismatic Leadership -  Charisma has been defined as: "Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others".  Although it has been said that charisma is a birth trait, it can also be developed.  By understanding the definition and importance of leadership, applying the traits, principles, and elements, your level of trust and confidence from those around you will make them want to follow - Charismatic Leadership at its core. 

Daily Habits of Great Leaders - Everyone is watching you and your daily habits say it all.   By understanding and applying everything in this workshop, you will be well on your way to a better you.  Whether is is applying changes or enhancing the great things you are doing already, when you display great daily habits, only good can follow.   


 Following the workshop, participants will be able to apply knowledge and skills to produce the following outcomes; effective leadership and mentorship to individuals and teams during their daily business activities, while displaying the daily habits required for sustained great leadership for any organization.   


 8 Hours over a one-day period. 


The maximum number of participants is (16) sixteen and minimum is (6) six, optimal is (12) twelve.  This workshop can followed by personal coaching sessions as requested - Click Button Below for Details.    

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