Presentation Development

"This is important, Team; we need to nail it on the first try."

When delivering a key or strategic presentation to an audience, it is imperative that you get it right the first time.  Sometimes we write a script or a speech, just so we don't make mistakes.  On other occasions, beautiful slides with charts, graphs, and an enormous amount of empirical, meaningful data are developed, but the overall message is missed.  Presentations like these typically end with a plan for the next meeting where the intention is to do it all over again; only better this time. In business time equals money and strategic misses equal time and cost; what a viscous cycle. In life, the viscous cycle represents missed opportunity or a loss of credibility.  The good news is that it does not have to be like this any longer.  We will help you avoid this common occurrence by developing dynamic presentations focused on your audience and message. 

We will begin by helping you understand the message that you want to convey to your audience.  Your message is not the topic or agenda items, it is the thing that you want your audience to remember, an hour, day, week, or even a month later.  Once the message is established, we will support it with structure and media that will enhance the transfer of information.  Time is too short and costly for anything else.

After the message and media are complete, it will be time to rehearse.  Rehearsal is the key to ensure that what you want to say is what you really say.  The way a communication event sounds in our heads is much different than what our vocal cords produce - with your concentrated effort and our coaching, we will work through the differences, together.  

Our collective focus is success.  Your success in understanding what you want to say and how it sounds.  The success of giving your audience something to remember that will move them or encourage them to take action.  Then, of course, the success of getting the win, first time, every time, all the time.   

 We understand that each presentation is unique, therefore the actual process often cannot be initially defined.  Using our standard process however, we will help you determine your message, then support it with relevant structure.  We will follow that with dynamic and purposeful media that will raise your probability for a win, first time, every time, all the time.  With this simple strategy, we will then align these elements with your planned budget so you can be assured that every presentation will be as smooth and cost effective as possible.