Engaging Stakeholders

Get What you Need - First Time, Every Time!


In any business, effective engagement of stakeholders is essential.  From suppliers to logistics, customers to employees, if your engagement is lacking, it is likely that you profits are also.   

Communication with your stakeholders represents approximately 90% of daily operational activity.  Inefficient stakeholder communication and management practices represent the most frequent source of unnecessary friction that most businesses face.  By applying simple, purposeful planning and an easy to use communication strategy, maintaining strong lines of engagement can be very easy.  

We designed this workshop because developing a mature, effective, standardized stakeholder engagement process can be difficult.   We understand this and are here to help your business employ a simple, strategic approach to stakeholder management and communication that will ensure your friction is reduced and stakeholders remain engaged.   

Target Audience -  Any person who must move or influence an audience through interpersonal or business communication.  (ex.  Executives, Managers, Project Managers, Engineers, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Students, and more....) 


Before you attend this workshop, you must be prepared to remain engaged, focused, and work hard.   You will be introduced to an enormous amount of information in a very short time - this will require your complete dedication for the duration of the workshop.


During the workshop you will learn how to efficiently and effectively gather, organize, and standardize stakeholder intelligence to clearly understand business goals and critical success factors (CSFs), objectives, strategic positions, needs, wants, and preferences.  You will also learn how to apply gathered intelligence for rapid development of efficient strategically planned communication events based on clear messaging that will raise the probability of success of every business interaction.   


 At conclusion of this workshop, you will experience improvement in your ability to understand your stakeholder’s goals, critical success factors, objectives, strategic position, needs, wants, and preferences then leverage that information to develop strategic communication plans that will ensure you get what you need - first time, every time. 


 14 Hours over a two-day period.  


The maximum number of participants is (16) sixteen and minimum is (6) six, optimal is (12) twelve.