Web Design and Maintenance

"I know I need to do this, but it just doesn't look right."

The first words spoken by most organizations trying to get noticed on the Web.   A website is one of the most cost effective ways to market your organization.   Once established, it often takes minimal maintenance to keep you current and future customers happy.  The problem with most websites is that they are either - not appealing enough, difficult to navigate, or contain outdated information. 

We can help with this simple to solve problem.  Getting started is often the most difficult part of this process - we help you create the product, then maintain it -it is easy.  Please understand that our experience is limited to Go Daddy applications: we have found that this is one of the least expensive, easy to develop and maintain website providers and recommend them with enthusiasm.

We purposefully keep our process simple.   We will get to know you, your organization or product, then determine what look is best for you.   We will then design your website in a manner that accentuates your organization or product and is easy for your customer to navigate.   Your finished product will represent your organization well, keep future and current customers happy, and be easy for you and your team to maintain. 

After the design is delivered, you will have options - have us maintain the site, keep us as a consultation resource for the site, or have us train your team to maintain the site resulting in costs savings for you. 

For an example of the quality you can expect, we have provided links to some of our developed products below.



We developed and manage this website.   All we created all custom graphics used. Management occurs on a daily basis.


Wolfpack Association


We developed this website including all custom graphics.  We currently co-manage this website with the organization.